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    3. BMW X5

      From 11-2016 to 11-2017

      Molds specification

      ·1,500,000 shots mold life
      ·6-9 weeks mold manufacturing
      ·PPTV 40 Part: Incoe 4 drop hot manifold;
      ·TPE Part: Incoe 4 drop hot manifold

      Molds steel

      ·1.2343 (HRC48-52)

      Resin types

      ·PC+ABS ·ABS-PA ·POM ·PA66-GF50 ·TPU 86 Shore ·PBT 30% Glass Fiber ·PP 40% Talc + TPE ·PC - blue + PC - red + TPE55 ·Imported from US or Buy in China

      Molds quantity

      ·47 sets plastic injection mold

      Item List Picture

      Online Message

      After the approval is passed, we will contact you within 24 hours.